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The Best Acoustic Guitars on a Budget!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

So, you've decided that you are more into the docile tones of the acoustic over the radical sounds of the electric axe. Now you are left with the task of choosing an acoustic guitar! What an awesome reason to take a trip to your local guitar shop and play around on some guitars! Buying a new guitar is an awesome experience! But, before you go exploring new instruments, it might be a good idea to know the difference between a quality acoustic vs. one that may not meet your needs for playing and learning. For this reason, I have created this post to discuss the desired qualities in an acoustic guitar as well as a list of the best acoustic guitars on a budget!

When looking for an acoustic guitar, you must ask yourself a few questions like:

What style of acoustic guitar is best for my playing?

What is my budget for an instrument?

Do I like the sound of the instrument?

All of these questions are crucial to deciding which acoustic is best for you!

When looking at guitars, it is important to note that there are many different body styles. Some may be comfortable for you, others may seem too large and bulky, others may seem too small. It is important to discover the right "fit" for you! So try all the body styles that you can!

Setting a budget for yourself is incredibly important! When deciding on a budget, it is best to create a price range rather than a strict number. You also might discover that the best guitar for you is not necessarily the most expensive guitar in the shop! Many quality instruments exists in a very reasonable price range. For an entry level acoustic, I recommend being prepared to spend anywhere between $300-$500.

Knowing what materials make a quality instrument gives you a huge advantage when shopping for an acoustic. The biggest quality to look for is the wood used for the top, or soundboard, of the guitar. This needs to be made of solid wood, not composite, to provide the best sound. There are many solid top guitars in the price range of $300-$500.

So now that you know what qualities to look for in an acoustic guitar, it's time to go to your local shop and try out a few instruments! Below is my personal recommendations for acoustic guitars!

The Yamaha FS830 is my #1 choice for musicians of all playing levels. This instrument exceeds it's price point by far with it's solid spruce top, tone and projection. This guitar is comparable to others that cost twice as much. It is a true gem of an instrument for a very reasonable price. If you find the small body to be uncomfortable, then check out the other FS series guitars by Yamaha! They make guitars of similar quality in many body styles!

The Breedlove DSCO01SSMA provides many of the same qualities as the Yamaha FS830, including a solid spruce top. Breedlove is known for their amazing mandolins. However, their guitars are just as awesome!

Guild has always been a quality brand of instrument and the D-240E is no exception. This is a great dreadnought style guitar that won't break the bank! I personally love these guitars and have owned an older Guild for many years. These guitars are true workhorses and built to last!

Washburn may be a lesser known guitar brand, but their commitment to building great instruments at affordable prices makes them stand out amongst other instruments in this price range. The HD20S provides big tone with it's dreadnought body style and solid spruce top!

Finally, we have the Seagull S6. These guitars are at the top of this price range, but with good reason. They offer great presence and projection, with a comfortable fretboard for playability. This instrument is incredibly versatile and can be used for many different styles of music!

I hope that this helps you all on your journey to finding a great instrument! Please leave a comment below if you have any questions!