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5 Reasons Guitar is the Perfect Instrument to Learn

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

If you have made the decision to commit yourself to learning a musical instrument this year, but are unsure of where to start or what instrument to choose, guitar may be the perfect instrument for you! Why is the guitar the perfect starting instrument? There are many reasons. In this article, we will explore the top five reasons for learning guitar as your first instrument.

  1. Guitar is Easy to Learn!

While the instrument itself is incredibly complex and takes years to fully understand, the guitar has an incredibly easy learning curve for beginners. If you choose to pick up the guitar and find a great teacher, it won’t be long before you are able to play some basic songs using chords. This is a great confidence booster for beginning musicians! It’s a wonderful experience to be able to see progress over a short period of time!

  1. Guitar is a Polyphonic instrument!

A polyphonic instrument is one that can play multiple notes simultaneously. The guitar falls into this category since it is able to play six different tones at once. While this may seem complicated, it is one of the main reasons why guitar is so popular! Almost all music can be translated to the guitar, which allows students who enjoy all musical styles.

  1. Guitar is Versatile!

The endless abilities of the guitar, coupled with it’s 6 note polyphony, creates an extremely versatile instrument. You can explore a variety of sounds and music and develop your ear to be able to play anything that you want!

The guitar also comes in various forms. The classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar all have a variety of tones and unique sounds. Exploring each of these instruments is great for beginners who want to discover their own unique style of play.

  1. Guitars are Affordable and Accessible

Think about it, how many people do you know that own a guitar? How many places are there to get a guitar near your home? Chances are, you can name at least one or two music shops and know at least a few people who play the guitar. These two ideas alone should be enough to convince you to pick up a guitar yourself. It is also great to have a few friends that also play guitar, you can learn from each other and help each other grow as musicians!

Secondly, guitars are affordable. I know that sounds crazy. But when compared to the cost of a piano or even a school band instrument, the guitar is incredibly affordable. I always recommend that new players budget to spend at least $300 on a guitar. That is incredibly cheap when compared to $800-$1200 for a saxophone.

  1. Playing Guitar is Good For You!!

There are tons of benefits to playing the guitar, but the most popular are increased brain function and fine motor skills. Playing any musical instrument can increase brain function, but the guitar is a little different. As a guitarist, you are almost always required to memorize your music and be able to perform it regularly. This takes an extreme amount of concentration and focus, especially when practicing more difficult pieces of music! The other great benefit is the development of fine motor skills. When playing guitar, you develop the ability to use each hand for specific functions! One hand will be dedicated to plucking the strings, while the other hand will be dedicated to pressing down notes at various speeds along the fretboard. This forces us to develop finger independence in our hands, which develops our fine motor skills!

There are thousands of reasons for you to pick up the guitar as a first instrument. It’s popularity in music, wide range of sounds, and basic learning curve make it incredibly appealing to beginners. With guitar as your first instrument, you will begin your musical journey learning some of your favorite songs, while developing a skill set that can easily translate to other musical interests.

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